About Connacher

Connacher has established and promoted the use of a number of sme’s waste collecting agents and continue to expand this data base of suppliers whose primary function is to collect the waste materials from the clothing and textile manufacturers country wide.

The Recycling Process involves the waste materials going through a number of processing stages, the sorting stage, depending on the desired output product, the waste material is preselected by colour, quality and fibre type, the materials then pass through a robotized foreign particle detector, which automatically removes all foreign materials embedded in the waste materials like any metal objects, staples, pins etc. It then passes through a series of cutters, then to storage bins, through the tearing line, then finally it is baled in our bale press and ready for collection.


The Connacher Team

Commercial Uses

Connacher produces flock/shoddy from the CMT textile waste, which is then used as a replacement for virgin fibre and foam, in the automotive industry i.e. all the hood lining throughout the vehicle, boot/ floor and including the seats, insulation and certain home industries IE. The manufacture of mattresses, furniture/underfelt and chopped fibre for horse arenas’.